3 R’s: New Ride, Randomness, and Racing!

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19 Jan



Happy New Year!

2 Jan


Photo update

11 Aug







2012 is looking good so far!

13 Mar

2012 is off to a good start for me so far. I have already competed in 5 races! I started out with Frozen Hog January 28…where I finished 23 out of 35. Which I was perfectly happy with. I didn’t get lapped and the course was…well…frozen! Then I raced my first ICUP Race, The Red Rock Rampage, again on the mountain bike. With my performance at Frozen Hog I opted to race in the beginner category. Well I ended up winning with out any real challenge. I learned my lesson and next time I will race either in sport or single speed category.

This past weekend I opened up my road season with the SUU Spring Break Classic. This was a 1 day collegiate race with a morning TT and a twilight crit me. Since this was a collegiate race I had to race in the “open” category. Which means I race anyone else who shows up. In the TT I took 2nd in the open and 6th out of 40 over all. So that was a good result for me. Then we had the crit which started at 5:20 so it got progressively darker and colder as the race went on! I ended up in the 3 man break that lasted to the end. We actually had it down to 2 but we were not able to get a good rhythm and the 3rd guy caught back on. I was dumb and on the front the last 2 laps and when it came time for the finishing sprint…I ended 3rd out 3. BUT! That was the most fun I have ever had in a crit! I played it smart…till the very end…and I was in the final move.

So I have updated my schedule on the right side bar for what I am thinking of racing for the 2012 season. Like I have said so far so good!




New Year and a new toy

8 Jan


Here is my new toy! It isa Cannondale F29 1FG (1 fucking gear) Caffeine with a Lefty fork…long title…BUT SWEET! Buddy Greg is yet again at the epicenter of me buying new toys…Well usually I convince myself but he helped push me over the edge, as per usual :) Greg had this frame for sale and another Cannondale 1FG but a 26. We went on a ride several weeks ago and I rode on the 26 and had an awesome time. I was actually going to buy that one, but I really wanted a 29’er lefty. Greg kept telling me I should get what I want, but the price to build up the 29’er was more than I wanted to spend. I got to looking around one day and found a Lefty fork for a very good price…one that was too good to pass up. So….I pulled the trigger…and a very long and complicated story later the bike came together! I do want to say thank you to my brother in law
Glenn for picking up the wheels for me! That was another stressful part of this project.

New Years weekend we got it all put together. Glenn, Greg, and I went of for a ride on Bonneville Shore Trail. We had a good time and I was fairly happy with myself for my second time on a mtb. As a side note we were having some awesome weather! 50’s and 60’s! It is/was perfect training weather!

My next adventure was at Three Peaks Recreation area just outside of Cedar. I was planning on having a good time cruising around the Three Peaks…but I pretty lost despite having the course map loaded on my GPS. I knew about where I needed to go I just took ATV trails that went toward the parking lot till the got me back to car!






So after that lame ride I thought I would try to find a nice long trail with some medium technical aspects to help me get better…because I suck…a lot…not only am I am roadie on a mtb…I am a crappy roadie on a mtb! So who should I ask to help me find a good trail to hone my skills on? The one, the only, Burke Swindlehurst! He said one of his all time favorites is JEM trail in La Verkin, which is just about 45 minutes from Cedar. I did a little searching and talking with Greg I found that JEM combines with the Hurricane Rim Loop for about 20 miles of trail! It was awesome! It is a perfect trail for a guy like me trying to learn how this mtb thing works.







So far I am having a good time with me new toy! So thanks to Greg, Burke, Glenn for all your help one way or another! So here is to the New Year and new adventures!

Opening of Cyclocross season!

11 Oct

I am 3 races into my cross season, Clammy Cross 1 and UTCX 1 and 2, and so far so good. I have decided to race the B flight this year and no I am not top 10 but I am not last!…well…I was DFL at Clammy Cross but I didn’t DNF! I am having a lot of fun in the B’s and I am very glad that I am not in the C’s! The field is huge this year and that just leads to a higher chance of getting taken out lol.

Here are some photos from Clammy Cross, which is a race set up in Utah County by the Clammy Chamois Team. The races was really hard for me. The course had 2 steep ride ups…but for me they were run ups. As well as a really bumpy grass section. It was really hard to say the least. I was just happy to finish!

But first let me start with this video. For those who are in the Cyclocross internet loop you probably have not seen this video that went viral amongst our little circle on the internet. So enjoy the video and you will get the the little jokes later on, if you have seen it before…then watch it and laugh again!

Don't be Joey!!!

Alex bombing through the small mud section

Teammate Chris and I post race

The UTCX series kicked off the following weekend with a double race October 1st and 2nd. Both races were a lot of fun. I finished in the bottom 3rd of both but as I said, I had a lot of fun as I do every cross race!

Grizzly Adam shot this video through out the day.

UTCX1 – Utah State Fairpark from Grizzly Adam on Vimeo.

The course was flat and fast! On day one they had a bubble machine! Which some people complained about and I have no idea why! The race promoter is trying to introduce a little fun to the race. You didn’t have to go through the bubble pit, in fact the better line around the corner was actually around the bubbles! So I don’t know what it wrong with those people…But here are some cool photos from Chis Gallery for race 1 and Gallery for race 2 I am the one with the orange handle bar tape.

I faired ok. I felt much stronger the second day. I should have warmed up though…I was busy running around cheering on my friends in the 35+ B race. But I got stronger as the race went on and I was able to pass a lot of people in the second half of the race.

So great times over all! I wont be racing this coming weekend but I will be the following 2! More good times to come! Especially with a night Clammy race and the Halloween Cross race! Do you have your costumes picked out?! We do!

Cyclocross is coming!

21 Sep

Yes yes I have been away for a long time blah blah…I know…no I am not going to racap what I have been up to since the Utah Summer Games. I am just going to dive right into the present like nothing ever happened :)

This weekend if the first race of the season for me, The Clammy Chamois cross race. Last year I won the C flight race. I am nervous and I am not sure about my fitness right now…just like everyone else before a first race. I feel I am more so than most that will line up on Saturday. Why? Most of the guys who will be lining up have been racing all year up to this point. I really didn’t do much racing this year. The race promoter has been gracious enough to let me race both the C flight as well as the B flight. All my buddies say I am definitely ready for the B’s..I don’t disagree but I am still really reserved. I was allowed to race the C’s because the second race will be considered my “upgrade” and my series points will come from the B race. I am really grateful for that opportunity!

Training has been up and down. Mostly because I can’t stay consistent. I have a bad case of “excuses.” I am working on eliminating them…it’s all in my head, and I know that.

So this is just a quick update. I am excited to be kicking off my Cyclocross Campaign with the Clammy Cross race! So hopefully more posts will be on their way!

Utah Summer Games 2011 Part 1: TT

24 Jun

well…i had a nice long post typed up…but when i added the photo the wordpress app cleared the text and just let the picture…so that is all i am posting…sorry but hey Heather did take a cool picture! I will also thank my wife Heather for coming out and cheering me on, as well as my training partner Ryan and his fiancĂ© Steph! Thanks so much for standing in the sun and bugs to cheer me on!


2011 is off to a roaring stop…

10 Apr

Well so far this season has 2 DNF’s

Last weekend was one of my favorite races the Hell of the North. My training has started much later this year compared to last but I was still hoping to help out my new team, The Church of the Big Ring, get some good results. I took 5th last year and I was fairly hopeful. I checked in and headed out for a warm up lap. I took the right hand turn onto the dirt road, and nothing seemed different from 2010. Last year I favored the right side of the road, but those who pre rode the course earlier that week said the left side might be better. So after rolling half way down the road I thought I would jump over to the other side to see how it felt. In the process I nailed a pot hole harder than I liked…this caused a rear pinch flat. Marek, from Utah Criterium Series, happened to be driving by and offered to give me a lift back to the registration area so I could fix my flat in time for the race…The problem was I didn’t have any tubes with me, FAIL! So it looked like I wasn’t going to even be able to start the race. Marek asked what I was running and I said Campy. He said I have a spare wheel, jump in the truck and I will get you to the line!


We go the line and he had them delay the start just long enough for me to roll to the back of the field. No sooner after I got turned around we were off! Now the parking for registration was full of “goat heads.” Everyone new that and we all carried our bikes to the road for fear of getting flats from the parking lot. That being said I must have picked up one when I went back for my rear flat because by the time I got the first turn my front tire was flat…The wheel car came up and asked if I wanted a wheel. I declined. I didn’t put any in and I didn’t feel right taking someone else’s back up. So after 2 flats my first race of the season was over. My team went on to do well however, Nate took 2nd! BOOM! Of the 41 who apparently started only 26 finished, of the 6 guys on the team only 3 finished. So the team did well and I could do nothing but watch.

The second DNF came yesterday in the Tour de St. George. As I said my training started much later this season so I figured a nice supported 100 miler would be better than trekking all the way for the Tour of the Depot like last season. I talked my training partner, Ryan, into riding it with me. As yesterday came closer the weather looked worse and worse…and the weather for The Depot didn’t look any better. But yesterday morning came and I packed up the car and headed down to St. George. While driving down through the blowing snow I knew it was going to be a long ride, but I figured I would have Ryan there with me and we would just suffer together. It was in the 30’s and drizzling when I got to the registration area. I went ahead and kitted up while waiting for Ryan. When he walked up I knew he wasn’t going to ride… He asked what I was thinking and I said “Well they already have my money so I might as well start.” My argument didn’t go well and he ended up not starting with me…So I started…and after an hour or so the weather went from rain to snow to driving slush…I didn’t mind the drizzle and I didn’t mind the snow but I was not having it with the driving slush. so after 2:20 min I said fuck it! I pulled into a McDonald’s got a cup of coffee and called Ryan to pick me up. At about the same time another guy came who asked if I was doing the century. I said I was but had enough. I didn’t see the need to get sick over a training ride. He laughed and said he was going to do it but opted out after the crappy weather. I laughed and said yeah I wasn’t that smart. He was actually on his way back to the start/finish area with his son for a soccer game so he gave me a lift. Great guy and really appreciated the lift and nice conversation! So thank you Jeff, I am pretty sure that is your name, for giving me a ride back to my car.

So there you have it. After a long stretch of no posts you get a tale of 2 DNF’s…lame…But hey! the season is still young and the weather for this week looks really promising!


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