Raleigh Cross Race #3

28 Sep

Raleigh Cross went much better this week! As I said last week I was sick with some weird little stomach bug, just felt weak and sluggish. The hard efforts were really hard and I just felt like crap. But I felt completely different Sunday!

When the gun went off Sunday we took off to the long and hard run up. It was longer than the previous week and a lot of people we trying to remount their bike in between, but for me it was faster to just run my bike for both.

Here are some photos from the first couple laps courtesy of soon to be brother in-law Glenn. I was 5th or so on the first lap or two after the barricades. This was a steep little down hill around some construction toy and then a run up.

I moved up into third and kept it! First and second had gaps between them and there was a gap between me and second but there was a really big gap between me and the rest of the field.

Here is a shot through the barricades

And another of the steep little decent and the run up that follows it

For some reason I really like that second run up! I don’t really have a reason why but I just felt strong up it every lap.

We ended up doing 6 laps in 26 minutes totaling 4.36 miles . Not that far but the shorter the race the more intense! It was hot, it was dry, and it was awesome! My buddy Alex even came out to play! I was finally able to exact some revenge on him from the road season ;) But I am sure it wont be too long before his cat 3 legs start kick my ass again! Thanks for coming out man hope to see you at more races!

This coming weekend is going to be a DOUBLE CROSS! UTCX kicks off their series on Saturday and then race number 4 of the Raleigh Cross series will be Sunday!

If any of you are wondering “Hey can you watch pro cyclocross on the internet? Then I could really get a feel for what you are doing every weekend.” The answer is yes! The great people at Cyclingdirt.org have been kind enough to have live streaming coverage of a lot of pro races here. So check it out if you get a chance! It will be worth it I promise! Or go out to your local races and watch it first hand!

Here are some sweet photos from Lyne at Podium Insight of the USGP Cyclocross race is Wisconsin. Check it out how here it is really done!

Thanks again to Heather, Glenn, and Natalie for coming out and supporting me on Sunday! It means a lot and really helps to pull me through!

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